Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Product Review; "NYX Glitter Cream Palette"

NYX Cosmetics is known for it's bold representation of color and it's very low pricepoints. Among other things, the line is very good for experimenting with colors you may not usually reach for without breaking your wallet. Among their very large list of products is a "Glitter Cream Palette". The colors are incredibly bold and the glitter is refined to a very small particle which leads me to believe that they will hold very easily to the skin. Larger particles may flake a little too easily.

When tested on the back of my hand, the cream base moves very easily and doesn't feel heavy but the glitter holds firmly unless agitated. The glitter is held stiff in a formula that contains Mineral Oil as a main ingredient so I would recommend using a sealor on top if you're looking for long wear through the evening. The color choices are pretty amazing as the palettes come in multiple variations including a neon mix, and gold/bronze mix and a silver mix. Lots of fun to pick, choose and mix and match.

NYX Glitter Cream Palette; $3.99

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