Friday, June 11, 2010

The eyes have it!

While trolling around YouTube, I realized that I had done a music video that was just recently released that made me think of an occasion where fatigue can really set in.

As with most video shoots, this one stretched out over a few days with long hours and a large (but really excited) cast supporting Kid Cudi, a really awesome rapper (who has just made his acting debut in "How To Make it in America" on HBO).

The look of the video was a dream sequence with lots of ... "smoke". All that smoke wasn't really helping the drowsy cast, but fortunately I had on hand eye drops from Rhoto guaranteed to ease and soothe even the most irritated eyes. Needless to say, the video came out amazing and there wasn't a "dry eye" to be found... "smoke" or no "smoke".

Rhoto Eye Drops; $6.99

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