Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Product Review; "NYX Glitter Cream Palette"

NYX Cosmetics is known for it's bold representation of color and it's very low pricepoints. Among other things, the line is very good for experimenting with colors you may not usually reach for without breaking your wallet. Among their very large list of products is a "Glitter Cream Palette". The colors are incredibly bold and the glitter is refined to a very small particle which leads me to believe that they will hold very easily to the skin. Larger particles may flake a little too easily.

When tested on the back of my hand, the cream base moves very easily and doesn't feel heavy but the glitter holds firmly unless agitated. The glitter is held stiff in a formula that contains Mineral Oil as a main ingredient so I would recommend using a sealor on top if you're looking for long wear through the evening. The color choices are pretty amazing as the palettes come in multiple variations including a neon mix, and gold/bronze mix and a silver mix. Lots of fun to pick, choose and mix and match.

NYX Glitter Cream Palette; $3.99

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An ORANGE a day...?

When searching for skin care these days it's important to understand precisely what you want it to do for you. The most common ingredient that sales people will go on about is Vitamin C otherwise known as "Ascorbic Acid". Vitamin C is a very potent Antioxidant (WORD OF THE DAY!!!) which deals with fighting free radical damage; any kind of damage from pollution, smoke inhalation, UVA rays and other factors that can irritate the skin's surface. It can also serve as a mild exfoliant that removes miniscule layers of dead skin cells through daily use leaving the surface of the skin looking more radiant.

Moisturizers with Vitamin C are great at maintaining skin's elasticity and overall tone because the acidic property tends to permeate the surface a little more effectively and is usually accompanied by more rich moisturizing elements to counterract the acid base. Products that have Vitamin C listed as a main feature help to improve the daily balance and circulation. And let's not forget that, taken orally, "Ascorbic Acid" has anti-cancer benefits as well.

Paula's Choice Antioxidant Concentrate; $24.95

FACE Stockholm Orange Cream Moisturizer; $52.00

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something to hide...?

There are obviously many differences in makeup application for men and women, but there is one main concern that the sexes share: dark under-eye circles.

Darkness under the eye is the most common complaint from anyone I've ever worked with and the causes are varied widely. For most people, this problem exists from fatigue or irritation and is usually accompanied by a bit of swelling or the appearance of lines. In some cases, it's clearly something they've dealt with all their lives (where the tone is significantly deeper than the rest of the skin and always has been). There is no ONE solution for this situation, but there are some quick and easy means for controlling them.

If you're looking for a short term option, coverage would be your choice. A concealer with a slight orange or peach tinge will offset any darkness under the eyes and the skin will just look like skin. Applied with a sponge or brush is the best option as opposed to fingers which can be dirty or transfer oils that can depreciate the wear of cosmetic products. Also, the more you tug on the delicate under-eye area the more the skin will lose elasticity, moisture and will begin to thin out and show even more darkness over time. So, no fingers. Fingers = bad.

Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste; $26

If you're looking to alleviate the darkness altogether, you might be in luck.

There are topical products on the market that claim to "remove dark circles permanently". There is some truth to this. Products directed at this task can have certain ingredients that cause phytosensitivity to under-eyes but do, indeed, remove dark spots on skin. However, they are basically bleaching agents that leaves skin a bit defenseless. For example, some products have been known to increase darkness rather than remove it once the skin is exposed to the sun.

Bremenn Labs Hylexin; $59

Topical treatments like moisturizers are optimal because they improve elasticity (spring-back), reduce swelling, and begin to halt the deterioration over time. You'll find that darkness will begin to dissipate because the skin is stronger and has more circulation but it may not disappear altogether. But considering the alternative, it's still the better choice.

FACE Stockholm Ageless Eye Cream; $60

Friday, June 11, 2010

The eyes have it!

While trolling around YouTube, I realized that I had done a music video that was just recently released that made me think of an occasion where fatigue can really set in.

As with most video shoots, this one stretched out over a few days with long hours and a large (but really excited) cast supporting Kid Cudi, a really awesome rapper (who has just made his acting debut in "How To Make it in America" on HBO).

The look of the video was a dream sequence with lots of ... "smoke". All that smoke wasn't really helping the drowsy cast, but fortunately I had on hand eye drops from Rhoto guaranteed to ease and soothe even the most irritated eyes. Needless to say, the video came out amazing and there wasn't a "dry eye" to be found... "smoke" or no "smoke".

Rhoto Eye Drops; $6.99

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product Review: "The Bearded Gentleman"

I was very fortunate enough to get a personal invite to a release party for an outstanding book entitled, "The Bearded Gentleman". Amazing.

Hosted at the reknowned men's grooming salon 'Martial Vivot Pour Homme', the event featured multiple facial hair enthusiasts as well as industry professionals all there to celebrate authors Nick Burns and Allan Peterkin. Together they have constructed a detailed account of the beards past, present and future. From popular style names to grooming tricks to legends surrounding facial hair inception, The Bearded Gentleman is both a fascinating read and exceptionally informative.

The Bearded Gentleman; $13.95

As a bonus, I received a wonderful Lithium Ion Beard Groomer from WAHL which I immediately went home and played with. With it's included attachments and rechargeable battery, this lightweight grooming tool is one I'll definitely be recommending to other facial hair aficionados... which I just did!

Lithium Ion Beard Groomer; $40.00
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